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A talented and brilliant woman born in a time when women were not supposed to be Talented and Brilliant. Lady Colin Campbell is now shunned by Victorian Ton society. Known only as The Victorian Sex Goddess – the harlot at the centre of the longest and most sensational divorce trial in British history, she rebuilds her life to become a respected writer and editor, unusual in her time. As she blissfully awaits the arrival of Lord Marlborough at their love nest in Venice and contemplates the beginning of a fresh chapter in her life, she is unaware that tragedy once again awaits her.

This is her story – a love story, a tragedy and the determination to succeed at the beginning of a new era for women.

Producers Nigel Wooll, Chantelle de Carvalho

Writer Kate Wood





While suffering a near-death experience, 17 year old Donna glimpses a menacing girl who looks just like her.  Recovering, she is forced by her mother to move to the English countryside. But here she becomes haunted by terrifying apparitions of this same girl appearing in the fields surrounding her new home.

After discovering that a girl may have been killed there the previous summer, Donna determines that the apparitions bring her this girl’s spirit which has followed her backGOAG poster_Page_01 into the world of the living. Fearing that this is a warning that her own life is in danger, Donna sets out to discover what happened.  Its a decision that sets her on a perilous journey through the malevolent heart of rural England, where nothing and no one is quite what they seem.

Director: Laura Smith

Producers: Chantelle de Carvalho, Cassandra Sigsgaard

Writer: Justin Hopper



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Born to Greek Cypriot immigrants in the East End of London, Annie Papadopoulos grows up in the 60’s and 70’s. Her strict controlling mother, Kika works hard and rules the roost.  She is determined that Annie stays a virgin till she marries a good Greek man and has babies – lots of babies.
But Annie wants more from life. She dreams of being like other English girls who enjoy the freedom to decide who and when they marry and if they want an EDUCATION!
In order to embrace her “Englishness”,  Annie defies her mother’s wishes, attends law school, achieves a Pygmalion-type transformation, meets her Prince Charming and marries him.
It is only when Annie’s fairy tale falls apart and tragedy strikes, that Annie returns with her mother to Cyprus. Here a devastating secret is revealed and Annie begins to understand her mother and what has driven her.
Within the embrace of traditional Cypriot values and society, Annie and her mother are able to reconcile to one another and Annie looks forward to a future in which she is not just Greek, not just English, but uniquely a product of both – and that’s just fine!
Director: Jason Connery
Producers: Chantelle de Carvalho, Adrianne Roy
Exec: Todd Harris
Writer: Saskia Sutton