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The Power of Three is an epic 8 hour, hi-jinx, period action adventure led by three kick-ass female protagonists.

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Set in the bubbling cauldron of pre-revolutionary France, three remarkable women – a scientist, a spy and a ninja orphan – forge together in an effort to prevent a powerful weapon falling into unscrupulous hands…oh and also…to save the world!

The combined strength and power of the three, pitted against the intrigue, politics and powerplay of the 18th century French court, is inspired by the classic adventure tales of Alexandra Dumas – The Count of Monte Christo and The Three Musketeers. Ageless classics such as these, The Mask of Zorro and contemporary fantasy adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean provide us with devil-may-care, yet, real flesh and blood heroes.

In the same way, The Power of Three brings us three, fabulously flawed, wounded women whose talents and determination serve up human drama tempered with the humour and insouciance with which they view their personal safety in the interests of gaining their goal – true flesh and blood heroines.



A talented and brilliant woman born in a time when women were not supposed to be Talented and Brilliant. Lady Colin Campbell is now shunned by Victorian Ton society. Known only as The Victorian Sex Goddess – the harlot at the centre of the longest and most sensational divorce trial in British history, she rebuilds her life to become a respected writer and editor, unusual in her time. As she blissfully awaits the arrival of Lord Marlborough at their love nest in Venice and contemplates the beginning of a fresh chapter in her life, she is unaware that tragedy once again awaits her.

This is her story – a love story, a tragedy and the determination to succeed at the beginning of a new era for women.

Producers Nigel Wooll, Chantelle de Carvalho

Writer Kate Wood