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A talented and brilliant woman born in a time when women were not supposed to be Talented and Brilliant. Lady Colin Campbell is now shunned by Victorian Ton society. Known only as The Victorian Sex Goddess – the harlot at the centre of the longest and most sensational divorce trial in British history, she rebuilds her life to become a respected writer and editor, unusual in her time. As she blissfully awaits the arrival of Lord Marlborough at their love nest in Venice and contemplates the beginning of a fresh chapter in her life, she is unaware that tragedy once again awaits her.

This is her story – a love story, a tragedy and the determination to succeed at the beginning of a new era for women.

Producers Nigel Wooll, Chantelle de Carvalho

Writer Kate Wood




Series adaptation in development
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THE POWER OF THREE, set in pre-revolution France, 1776, is a period action-adventure promising the excitement and hi-jinx of franchises such as Charlie’s Angels, The Mask of Zorro and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Aspiring scientist, CHANTAL (20’s) finds her physicist father murdered and swears to
avenge him. She marries in an attempt to gain the freedom to pursue her father’s murderer.

Beautiful, mysterious VERONIQUE (30’s) relentlessly strives as a vigilante, determined to avenge the ruin and death of her sister years before.

Impetuous and reckless orphan, TATIANA, escapes the Russian, gymnastic orphanage she has been hidden in for 18 years in order to discover her parentage and expose the man who put her there.

Unknown to all three, their desire for revenge puts them on a collision course with the same man; power-hungry aristocrat, MOULTAT – Chantal’s new husband! 

Moultat is charming, rich, powerful – and deadly! 

When Moultat abducts ANTOINE, Veronique’s secret lover, he sets in motion events that bring the three women together in a high-kicking, ball-busting, fast-paced adventure.
Together they use their combined strength and talents and unique female powers in an attempt to avert Moultat’s treasonous course.

Against the backdrop of an already turbulent pre-Revolution France, the three women must fight together to free Antoine from Moultat’s murderous grasp and prevent him from selling Chantal’s father’s secret weapons formula to the English. They must also foil the assassination of the inimitable Benjamin Franklin – in France to garner the support of King Louis for the American Revolution.



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A documentary that investigates why we are addicted to our devices, poses questions around design ethics, and explores the impact it is having on today’s teenagers and what that might mean for the future. The project is part of an awareness initiative: